Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Blackberries and Google Phone are coming

Some updates about more iPhone competitors that I think sound cool:

  1. They are launching a cool new phone called the Blackberry Storm on Verizon in November (Engadget)
  2. Blackberry will launch an Application Center
  3. Berrystore already launched for free applications to help get going
  4. The Blackbery Bold is launching on AT&T on October 27th
  5. The G1 (Google phone) launches on T-Mobile (Mossberg, Pogue)
As you all know by now,  I want a non-iPhone to 'win'. I don't like the way Apple deals with its customers. I don't like their 'walled garden' approach. I do admit the hardware is cool looking (but overpriced). Anyways, I'll save my mac critique for another post.

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